Rules And Regulations About Team Nova

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Rules And Regulations About Team Nova Empty Rules And Regulations About Team Nova

Post by Admin on Fri May 23, 2014 11:48 am

1. You can only be in one clan, {Nova}
2. You cannot declare war or accept a request from a different team. Please redirect the message to a Galactic Council Member preferably "{Nova} Apollo"
3. Only designated recruiters are allowed to recruit other members. You can ask people to join though. Tell them to PM any Members of the Galactic Council. (Look at List of Members and Ranks)
4. Stay loyal to {Nova}
5. Must not be rude to a fellow clan member. If this happens to you, please tell a leader.
6. Listen to the leaders.
7. Freedom of speech. If you have something to say/ask, please do;)
8. Do not post pages on this forum.
9. Have fun!
10. You can only make a account with "{Nova}" in the name if The Galactic Council as agreed on it
11. As of Saturday, March 14, 2015, members must have their {Nova} account their main account
12. Any being rude to other members on any occasion
            Breaking  these rules will be dealt by the Galactic Council
            Leaders names can be found on...    
Depending on how bad you break the rules, you will get a number of warnings.
If you get 3 warnings, you are out.
Warnings DO NOT go away.

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