Clan War with {Nova}

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Clan War with {Nova}  Empty Clan War with {Nova}

Post by masterdagreat on Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:55 pm

We can now conduct clan wars!. If you get a PM about a war, please direct them to {Nova} Master. To take part in a clan war, you must be a official member of {Nova}. To be a official member, you must be tested for a rank and can not be a student. If you do get asked to take part in a war, you do not need to to except. If you say yes, you will be assigned a number.

If you have any suggestions on other clans to war ageist,please leave a comment stating which clan to war.

1. You must listen to the leader at all times during a war.
2. You must be nice to your opponent
3. You must follow rules
4. No cheating

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