Grandmaster1915 Test Results

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Grandmaster1915 Test Results

Post by masterdagreat on Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:03 pm

Attitude: 10/10

Misplays: 7/10

Deck construction: 8/10

consistency: 7/10

Techs: 5/5

Main deck: 9/10

Side deck: 8/10

Skill: 7/10

Ruling: 5/5

Wins: 0/20

Final mark: 66/100

Tester:{Nova} Master
Deck used by tester: Gogogo
Deck used by testie: Rank 5 torbo
Suggestions: Play less monsters and more defective spells/traps.For example, Forbidden Lance,Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison ECT...
Rank: Cosmos Rank

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