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Post by masterdagreat on Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:24 pm

Testing rubric for getting a higher rank or to join {Nova}

Misplays: /10

consistency:  /10

Skill:  /10

Main deck: /10

Side deck: /10            

Side decking: /5

Originality: /5

Extra deck: /5

Attitude:  /5

Ruling: /5

Techs: /5

Wins: /20

Final mark: /100

Deck used by tester:
Deck used by testie:
???-???=Starborn Rank
95-100=Starliege Rank
85-94=Photon  Rank
75-84=Galaxy Rank
70-74=Cosmos Rank
62-69= Star rank
61-0=fail, no new rank.

If you do not get a higher rank, you can try again in one week.
Master rank can only be earned by a leader telling you. Not by getting high marks on your test.

Teacher will only have "yes" or "no"
If yes, then please apply for a teacher. It may take 1-7 days.
Make sure you keep what they need help with in the "Suggestions."

If you wish to try out for a higher rank, please leave a comment in this format
" I Wish to try out for a higher rank. I can be contacted at (DNuser name)"
If it is not in this format, then your comment will be deleted  
If you wish to be tested, please leave a message in this format
" I wish to try out for {Nova}. I can be contacted at (DNuser name)"

We recommend you to use something meta.
1. Send a picture of the deck you will be using to the tester who will test you.
2. No tier one. If the deck is not yet TCG, we go by the OCG tier list.
3. No burn,stall, OTK, FTK, alternate win. Archetypes based on one of these is expectable though.
4. You must send pictures in between games.
5. 1 match.
6. Cards need to be TCG/OCG legal.
7. If you are being tested to rank up, then you must be on your {Nova} account.
8. If something happens you do not like, please contact a leader.
9. DO NOT make a account with {Nova} in the name until you get tested and receive your results.

1. Be nice.
2. If you are a Master rank and another master rank is testing, you must watch them test to help then make a decision for the testies mark.
3. Must ask for a s screen shot before the duel and in between siding.
4. Deside between watcher (if there is one) who will post the testies results.
5. When posting refer to the original rubric.
6. Name of the post "(Username) Test Results."
7. If testie Cheats, You can stop testing them once consulting them and/or watcher.

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