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Sup M8 Testing Results Empty Sup M8 Testing Results

Post by fishftkprodigy on Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:35 pm

Skill: 15 /20

Misplays: 11/15

consistency: 4/10

Main deck: 9/10

Side deck: 7/10

Side decking: 4 /5

Extra deck: 4 /5

Ruling: 4/5

Wins: 0/20

Final mark: 58/100

Tester: {Nova} Lemonade
Watcher: N/A
Deck used by tester: Madolche
Deck used by testie: Ritual Beasts
Teacher: N/A
Suggestions: Don't run two Pettlephins, bit bad. Hmmm, try to make it a little more consistent, like not maining anti-spell fragrance. Psi blocker is pretty bad in the side, personally shared ride is way better. Tweek the deck a bit. You did pretty well in terrible situations when you opened badly though so good job; however unfortunately I'll have to fail you. Try again in a week because I understand the inconsistencies.
Rank: Fail


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