[FinalPain] Liam M. Testing Results

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[FinalPain] Liam M. Testing Results  Empty [FinalPain] Liam M. Testing Results

Post by masterdagreat on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:36 pm

Skill: 17/20

Misplays: 11/15

consistency: 7/10

Main deck: 8/10

Side deck: 7/10

Side decking: 2/5

Extra deck: 4/5

Ruling: 3/5

Wins: 20/20

Final mark: 62/100

Tester:{Nova} Lemonade
Watcher: {Nova} Apollo
Deck used by tester: Madolche Ghostrick
Deck used by testie: Yosenju Pendulum
Teacher: No
Suggestions: You side deck is kind of out-dated (Black Horn, Gozen, Debunk) The side deck should be for the meta. Being nice wouldn't hurt either. Also, learn your rulings. Even if you don't, you should listen to others that do.

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